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Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

Throughout his childhood Franz Schubert developed a dedication to music and studied piano, organ, violin and singing. By 1814 he had already produced a lot of work, including piano pieces, string quartets, his first symphony and a three act opera.
Although Schubert was forced by his family to take on a job as a teacher in his father's school, he still continued to compose and he managed to produce more music. During this period he gathered with friends for domestic evenings dedicated to Schubert's music, later known as the "Schubertiads". Song like "Der Wanderer" and "Die Forelle" where introduced.

In 1822 he got infected by syphilis and was in deep financial needs, marking this time as a dark period. But Schubert still kept creating new work like "Schöne Müllerin" the "Eighth Symphony ("unfinished")" and a string Quartet d Minor ("Death and the Maiden"). Although he was known at his time as a songwriter, his work included a lot of Symphonies, String Quartets, piano sonatas and more.