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Dont Play Drums According to Your Personality - Play your drums according to each individual song's personality.

Funk Rhythm And Music Style History And Development Drummers Guide - Like Jazz, Be Bop, and Rock n' Roll, Funk acquired its name from a slang expression with sexual connotations.

Officially Permitted Music Downloads Absolutely for Music Followers - Billions are lost each year to such illegal music downloads.

The Unusual Exotic Sounds of the Zither - The zither is a string instrument that has been around for a long time, so long, in fact, that the earliest model of the zither has been found as far back as 433 BC.

Learning The Basics Of Hypnosis - Hypnosis deals with the subconscious.

Wedding Favors That Express Who You Are - Unique wedding favors are important for any one that wants to be themselves, and not what someone else thinks they should be.

What Women Want In Bed Enjoying Gods Gift of Sexual Intimacy - Having intimacy is something that a couple needs to appreciate.

Whats the Story Behind Celebrity Perfumes - It's hard to pass a perfume counter without seeing the barrage of celebrity fragrances.

The Telephone Psychic Hotline - A telephone psychic can definetely lead you into a brighter future.

Is Distance Learning Lacking In Communication - Communication plays an important role in the learning process.

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