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What Women Want In Bed Enjoying Gods Gift of Sexual Intimacy

Having intimacy is something that a couple needs to appreciate. Having this special time together is something that is going to mean a lot to both people. It is going to be something that will make a relationship more special and create a better bond between two people that share a love for one another.

God gave us all the gift of sexual intimacy. We all need to learn how to use it the right way. Knowing what the other person wants in bed is something that is always good to know so that you can make each other happy and comfortable when it comes to having a sexual relationship together. You may want to take a few tips down before you even try to figure out what they want. 1) What do women want in bed? It is not always easy to understand what your woman wants. This is going to be true for what she wants in bed too.

You will have to try to figure this out on your own or you can talk to her and try to find a good way to talk to her about it. This may not be the option that most men choose. Most men out there do not want to sit down and discuss sexuality with their woman. It may seem like a topic that is just not approachable for some. However in order to get through this time with her, you have to be able to sit down and actually discuss what is going on and what makes you both happy. Talk to her and see if she will tell you what she really wants out of the sexual relationship that you have together.

Find out what she is feeling and what she needs to have to make her feel good. You can always take this time to explain to her what you want and what makes you feel satisfied in bed too. You can both meet each other's needs and make your sexual experiences even better. 2) Play your role in bed Most women want the man to take the lead. They want to FEEL as if they are being swept off their feet.

Woman wants a man to treat her like gold and give her the satisfaction that she wants. The same will go for a man. Make her feel special. You may want to romance her with some rose petals or some candles around the bed. Make her feel like she is worth the extra time that you have put into this special moment together. You can also try buying her some lingerie or sweet smelling perfume.

Make her want to be with you and feel good. She will probably appreciate the fact that you took the time to shop for her and get her something to make her feel as special as she is. You will defiantly get paid back for this because she will be more wiling to participate in the sexual intimate moment that you have create just for the two of you. It is never too late to try to find out what your woman wants in bed. It makes no difference if you have been married for years or if you have just started to date.

You need to find out what pleases her in bed. This will help you better understand what they want and need from you. It will make the relationship better and give you both the opportunity to be pleased in bed and having a good time together. God meant for men and women to have a special bond together and there is nothing wrong with having this intimacy just as you both want it. You need to spend time together and figure out a way to get to this point in your relationship so that you can share in the special love that you both have for each other. 3) Talk to each other The best thing that you can do when it comes to having sexual intimacy is to talk to each other.

This can happen before or after the actual intercourse takes place. You should talk to her and give her the emotional support that she needs to hear. Every woman wants to feel like they are special and that they have the endless love of their companion. They want to feel like a woman and to be touched in a way that makes them feel good.

It is going to be well worth the extra effort because you are going to have the ability to create a special sexual bond with her inside and outside the bedroom as well.

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