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I Want to Start Classical Homeschooling

Any parent who wants to give the best education to their children will want to think about classical homeschooling. Children who are schooled at home have lots of advantages. Children who are homeschooled get more individual attention, which translates to a better education.

Students who are homeschooled also have the advantage of learning in a comfortable and safe environment. It isn't necessary for a child to learn how to become accustomed to different classrooms. Learning to adapt to a new surrounding can be distracting.

Parents who homeschool their children are creating an opportunity to strength their relationships. Homeschooling parents make a greater impact on their child's education. There are several homeschooling methods. Classical homeschooling methods follow a traditional education model. There are three learning phases in Classical homeschooling: Primary, secondary, and tertiary. It's easiest to think of them as the equivalent of elementary, junior high, and high school.

However, there is a huge different between homeschooling and an institutional form of this education. Classical homeschooling at its best focuses on the child's mental development, not just his or her age. A child will not move onto the next developmental phase until they are ready. The methods of classical homeschooling date back to medieval times. This method is effective: It's been tested and tried for a very long time. Younger children focus on learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Once your child has mastered the concepts of this phase, they move on to the next, which consists mainly of grammar. This phase focuses on composition. The dialect stage is the last phase in Classical homeschooling. Children in this stage are still studying reading, writing, and arithmetic; however, they are also learning rhetoric and how to do public speaking. Classical homeschooling allows a child to move at his/her own pace. It is nice to know that a child has to master a concept before moving on.

They aren't just passed automatically from grade to grade. The great thing about homeschooling, is that even if you want to supplement a Classical approach with something else, you can. You can incorporate units of studies that revolve around a theme for example. Teaching your child at home provides you the flexibility to do this.

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