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Why Online Education Courses Are A Good Idea

Have you ever considered an online education course? I'm not talking about getting a college degree online, just taking an online course or two to learn something new! The site www.Online-Education.net is a great resource to use.

You can take courses while you hold a fulltime job or attend a regular university. Online courses allow you to work at your own speed, on the days and at the times of your choosing. Courses are online for 30 days per session and take about 18 hours to complete. There are over 600 online education courses in the catalog on this site. There are many good reason to consider taking courses online. 1.

Eliminate boredom! Are you bored at home when the kids are in school or during summer vacation? Take a class online! You could try something new like cooking, photography, building websites, drawing, or anything that interests you. 2. Learn something new! Learn to do your own taxes or use a new computer program. Get new ideas for gardening or homeschooling or improve your communication and writing skills. Perhaps astronomy, religion, or genealogy will spark your interest.

Men enjoy courses on tying flies (for fishing lures), stamp collecting, and history. 3. Re-connect with old friends and make some new friends! Online classes create many opportunities to work with new, online friends or share experiences with old ones.

Get a friend to enroll in a course with you; you'll have a wonderful time! 4. Improve your self-esteem! After learning a new skill, your self-esteem will soar. The new sense of accomplishment will enrich your life and encourage you to try other online courses.

5. Re-ignite your brain! Get your brain in shape. Take a few hobby or informational courses and get used to working online, remembering details, and completing projects.

6. Prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Keeping your brain active will help prevent dementia and, possibly, Alzheimer's Disease as you get older. Scott Gottlieb, New York newspaper writer, states that, "Participating in mentally challenging leisure activities such as reading and playing board games may help elderly people stay mentally sharp." Researchers have found that people aged 75 years or more who engaged in leisure activities had a lower risk of dementia than other elderly people. (New England Journal of Medicine 2003; 348:2508-16).

7. Become a more interesting person. When you attend various functions such as PTA meetings you'll have some interesting conversation to share. 8. Be a great role model for your children and grandchildren.

Adults who demonstrate life-long learning are wonderful role models for children, who learn that education continues to benefit us all through life. 9. Learn more about technology.

Any time we use a computer, we learn more about technology and how to use it effectively. 10. Improve your resume.

The information you learn via online courses might be a great addition to your resume and help you get a better job or more pay. Pay attention to my roundup of reasons for taking online education courses and you may be surprised at the benefits you experience! Copyright (c) 2008 Kenneth Anczerewicz.

Ken Anczerewicz is an author and publisher devoted to helping students of all ages realize their financial goals through creating their own income streams. Learn more by clicking here now: http://www.resourceriver.com

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Why Online Education Courses Are A Good Idea - Have you ever considered an online education course? I'm not talking about getting a college degree online, just taking an online course or two to learn something new.

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