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Mozart's 250th Birthday
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Mozart in Adult Education

Mozart in Adult Education

A concert series at adult education centres in Vienna

"Mozart in Adult Education" is aimed at giving people who do not usually have anything to do with Mozart the opportunity to experience his music in a very special way. Mozart's works will be performed in places which normally have little or nothing to do with his music. The auditoriums of adult education centres in Vienna will host Mozart and his music on many occasions throughout the year 2006, giving people a chance to come together and enjoy a new type of musical encounter.

The target audience is one which rarely comes into contact with classical music. The objective of "Mozart in Adult Education" is to introduce this audience to Mozart's music and its inner spirit. A certain amount of historical, social and aesthetic background will be provided in order to facilitate the appreciation of this music, since most of the audience can be expected to approach the phenomenon of Mozart with a certain degree of reserve.

The performances will be of the highest standard and the works played will be explained in memorable and, above all, entertaining ways. The idea is to promote an understanding of everything that lies behind this music by giving insights into Mozart's time and the music of this period. This is one of the special aims of these performances.

For example, the series will open at the Volksheim Inzersdorf in February 2006 with a concert entitled "The Wide Spectrum of Harmoniemusik" featuring the Harmonia Caelestis ensemble. In Mozart's time, Harmoniemusik (music performed by wind ensembles) was a way of disseminating what is now considered "classical" operatic and concert music among the general population through performances by wind ensembles of varying sizes. In a sense, these ensembles were the "CD players" of the 18th century.

Opera singer Heinz Zednik and his accompanist Markus Vorzellner will present "Theatre Songs and Comic Songs during Mozart's Viennese Period" at the Volkshochschule Brigittenau. In Mozart's time, popular theatre in Vienna always featured a great deal of music and songs. Mozart captured this popular tone perfectly in The Magic Flute.

The famous soprano Ildikó Raimondi and her accompanist Markus Vorzellner will give a concert at the Volkshochschule Donaustadt, with Herbert Zeman providing commentaries on "Literature and Lied" in relation to Mozart.

The programme entitled "The String Quartet as an Experimental Field" at the Volkshochschule Hietzing features the Atlas Quartet. Composers of the classical and romantic periods were particularly fond of experimenting with new sounds and harmonies within the medium of the string quartet, consisting of two violins and their larger cousins, the viola and the cello. These compositions were crucial to the later development of Western music.

"Piano Music by Mozart and his Contemporaries" will be performed by Florian Krumpöck at the Haus der Begegnung Mariahilf. After all, in his lifetime Mozart was famous primarily as a pianist and much in demand as a piano teacher.

Cabaret artists Peter Paul Skrepek and Hubsi Kramar will give a very special performance at the Volkshochschule Floridsdorf: "Helmut Zilk in Conversation with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" is the subtitle of the programme "Überlebenskünstler III" ("Survival Artists III"), being presented on 13 and 14 October.

Conductor Martin Haselböck and his Wiener Akademie orchestra will provide an opportunity to experience Mozart's orchestral music at the Musikverein in Vienna. And American soprano Jane Marsh will give a master class for young singers, in which Mozart's vocal music will be juxtaposed with that of his "competitor" Antonio Salieri.

Finally, a symposium at Hanuschhof Wien near the Vienna State Opera will be devoted to other aspects of Mozart's time. Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler will focus on the literature that people read at the time. Beatrix Darmstädter will speak about money and salaries on the basis of the historical documentary evidence supplied by musicians' pay lists, while Emil Lubej will focus on the folk music and Gerhard Poppe on the sacred music of Mozart's era. Other speakers at the symposium, being held on 21 and 22 April, will include Richard Steurer and David Weiss. Manfred Angerer will give the keynote address.

A cooperation by WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006 and Verband Wiener Volksbildung

Idea and Organisation
Markus Vorzellner & Richard Steurer


The Wide Spectrum of Harmoniemusik
09. & 10.02.2006, 19:30
Volksheim Inzersdorf, Putzendoplerg. 4, 1230 Vienna
Harmonia Caelestis, Leitung Hermann Ebner

Theatre Songs and Comic Songs during Mozart's Viennese Period
16. & 23.03.2006, 19:30
VHS (Volkshochschule) Brigittenau, Raffaelg. 11, 1200 Vienna
Heinz Zednik (tenor), Markus Vorzellner (piano)

Master Class Jane Marsh: Lieder and Arias by Mozart and Salieri
17. - 21.04.2006
Gesellschaft für Musik,
Hanuschg. 3, 1010 Vienna
Jane Marsh (soprano), Markus Vorzellner ( piano)

The String Quartet as an Experimental Field
19. & 21.04.2006, 19:30
VHS Hietzing, Hofwieseng. 48, 1130 Vienna
Atlas Quartett

Symposium: Mozart in Vienna
21. & 22.04.2006
Gesellschaft für Musik,
Hanuschg. 3, 1010 Vienna
Manfred Angerer, Beatrix Darmstädter, Emil Lubej, Gerhard Poppe, Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler, Richard Steurer, David Weiss

Orchestral Concert
17.05.2006, 19:30
Musikverein Wien, Großer Saal, Bösendorferstr. 12,
1010 Vienna
Martin Haselböck (conductor), Wiener Akademie

Piano Music by Mozart and his Contemporaries
08. & 10.06.2006, 19:30
Haus der Begegnung Mariahilf, Königseggg. 10,
1060 Vienna
Florian Krumpöck (piano)

Literature and Lied
23. & 30.09.2006, 19:30
VHS Donaustadt, Bernoullistr. 1, 1220 Vienna
Ildikó Raimondi (soprano), Herbert Zeman (moderation), Markus Vorzellner (piano)

Survival Artists III �Helmut Zilk in Conversation with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart�
13. & 14.10.2006, 19:30
VHS Floridsdorf, Angererstr. 14, 1210 Vienna
Peter Paul Skrepek, Hubsi Kramar

Chamber Music With and Without Piano
20. & 21.10.2006, 19:30
Haus der Begegnung Döbling, Gatterburgg. 2a,
1190 Vienna
Harmonia Caelestis, Markus Vorzellner (piano)

Tickets & Info
Verband Wiener Volksbildung,
Phone: +43-1-893 00 83