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MOZART! - Musical in Concert.

Vereinigte Bühnen Wien features prominently on the programme of WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006. One of its contributions is the acclaimed musical MOZART! by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay, currently being performed as a concertante production at the Raimund Theater.

MOZART! was premiered at the Theater an der Wien in October 1999 and ran there until the Vienna Festival of 2001. Subsequently the musical moved to Hamburg, and was also performed in Japan in 2002 and, in the following years, in Sweden and Hungary (where it forms part of the repertoire of the Budapest Operetta Theatre). Now MOZART! returns to Vienna for WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006 as a concertante production in costume.

In creating MOZART! Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay wanted to strip the clichéd historical figure of Mozart from his layers of kitsch and deification in order to rediscover him from a modern perspective. "No genius is as fascinating as the human being behind it," the creators of the musical maintain. Even if Mozart had not become the Mozart we know today, his biography would deserve to be retold in the modern age.

This story centres around an inspired artist who frees himself from his tyrannical, loving father and from the patronage system, in order to develop as a man and as a musician.

MOZART! is a drama about growing up - a drama with which everyone is familiar in one way or another: the drama of leaving childhood behind in order to find one's own way in a world fraught with peril. This was particularly difficult for Mozart, whose father had presented him to all the world as a child prodigy: "We have no time to lose - because everyone loves a child prodigy, but nobody cares two pins when yet another gifted musician appears on the scene."

The Dresden china doll image that Mozart acquired as a child continued to dog the heels of the adult Wolfgang like an unwelcome shadow. The child prodigy composed incessantly, while the adult Wolfgang lived, played cards, drank, loved and dreamed.

The creators of the musical loathe pop versions of classical music. Sylvester Levay leaves Amadeus and his music untouched. However, he depicts Wolfgang the man in the musical language of the present day.

Realisation and Organisation
Vereinigte Bühnen Wien
Sylvester Levay

Michael Kunze
Caspar Richter
Orchester der Vereinigten Bühnen Wien

04.02.2006, 19:30
05., 09., 10., 11.02.2006, 19:30
Raimund Theater
Wallg. 18-20, 1060  Vienna

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