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Traces of Mozart

Young designers are going to leave their traces in Vienna. In cooperation with the Viennese city newspaper �Falter� and the outdoor advertising media company �Gewista�, WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006 has invited young graphic designers, photographers and visual artists to participate in the design competition �Traces of Mozart�.

Based on an idea by Maurizio Poletto, Art Director of COLLETTIVA DESIGN, who is letting traces of Mozart, his silhouette that has become an icon for the commercialisation of a genius, make appearances in casual pictures from everyday life, young designers are invited to submit their interpretations and design schemes relating to the subversive omnipresence of this year's birthday celebrity.

Every month one of the designs, selected by a jury, will be presented in the public sphere on Gewista billboards and in the newspaper Falter. The designs displayed will be works that hover on the border of perceptibility, creations which contain a subtle hidden picture, configurations which hold up a playfully ironic mirror to the ubiquitous, the inescapable.

Traces of Mozart Design Competition

Conditions for Entry are

Entry Deadline

Falter - Stadtzeitung Wien
Kennwort: Traces of Mozart
Marc-Aurel-Str. 9
1010 Vienna
E-mail: traces@falter.at